Our policy is to NEVER let a students financial status be a barrier to providing Quran classes. Allhamdulillah we have managed to maintain this policy, however the cost at times is that we cannot cover our outgoings and we lose teachers because of the economic climate. We appreciate your help to continue this lifeline for our sisters.
A students financial status should never be a barrier to accessing our Quran classes. We need your help to support more sisters.
The following are some of our running costs for 2021, not including resources. Please be aware, we may use your donations to cover other costs if we fall short. For example if 2 people cover 1 annual cost, we may redistribute that donation to cover other costs.
There are 3 categories of donations, Monthly cost cover, 1 Off payments of a large bill, or sponsoring a student or a Volunteer.
We'd like to THANK YOU in advance & ask Allah to reward you for every goodness achieved from this organisation.
This is how your contribution can help. The following are Monthly cost your can contribute to.

Coffee Donator

£ 5
  • Although we will not be sending coffee to our volunteers, the equivalent of a cup of coffee every month could go towards our Phone bills.


£ 15
  • Each teacher has a Pro Zoom account to delivery the Qu'ran course.


£ 50
  • Our Volunteer Appreciation programme is a way to say thank you. We provide Free English /Spanish classes & with your help we can upskill our volunteers to say thank you. Currently at £480 per month.
You can also choose a 1 time donation for the following fees.

Annual Accounting Costs

£ 300
one off
  • We have an offer to cover our accounting fees and accounts filing with company house to be processed for £300.


£ 375
one off
  • This will cover our current monthly ZOOM cost. Thats 300 hours of Quran Classes. These licenses are also used for recitation sessions & other Quran classes delivered by our Teachers.

Technical Licences

£ 750
one off
  • To enable our platform, we use products & incur a number of annual licence costs.
    For example Hosting,Telephony, Software
You may also sponsor a
Please note, we value all our volunteers equally. If we do not manage to have a sponsor for every teacher we will distribute Volunteer Sponsor donations among all of them. Pls donate generously !

Sponsor a Volunteer

£ 85
/ Monthly
  • We'd like to give a small gift at the end of every term to our teacher, this donation will go towards gifting our Teachers for their time. Although they deserve more that we can give, $100 month could help them cover their own costs. For example, Internet usage etc.

Sponsor a Quran Student

£ 30
/ Monthly
  • We believe that financial status should never be a barrier to learning Quran or Islam. Our policy is let our sister decided what they can pay, from FREE to £30. This donation helps cover the gaps in delivery and you can Sponsor a student learning.