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Each Volunteer will be interviewed in English and Arabic. There will be a qualified teacher who is responsible for Quran/Tajweed Knowledge & the Programme director to test English. 

Quran Teachers &  Recitation Partners will be assessed on

  1. Quran Recitation
  2. Tajweed rules
  3. English speaking skills
  4. Correction of  Quranic mistakes in English – communication skills



  1. Ideally must be qualified from a known institute 
  2. be proficient in Tajweed
  3. Speak English

 Recitation Partners

  1. Have excellent quan recitation skills
  2. be proficient in Tajweed
  3. Speak English

Although this is a volunteering position, we strive of professionalism and putting our best foot forward. Since sharing Islamic Knowledge is such an honourable position, we expect all our volunteers to be committed and professional. Please ensure you are prepared for you interview with the following.

  1. Google Meet – pls make sure its working 
  2. MIC & CAM  –  pls test that its working before the meeting
  3. MUSHAF – a copy of a Quran
  4. Be in a quiet room without disturbance

Please use the self-booking form below to book an interview. Select a date and a time and complete your name and telephone number, hit submit and you will receive a confirmation for your interview.

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